At Nightingale & Nightingale, our clients benefit from a unique combination of creativity, strategic thinking, expertise and experience in broadly diverse forms of communications.  We are experts in organizational communications, marketing, public relations, graphics, Web work, event planning, training and development, and radio and print media.

Serves leading as well as multinational corporations, associations, not-for-profit organizations and private individuals, including those in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Services and Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Office Products
  • Children and Youth
  • Government and the Military

Nightingale & Nightingale is a public relations and communications firm that positions individuals and corporations in the public eye and marketplace. We develop and implement communications programs that achieve desired results in the shortest time possible. Our commitment is to be the best in the business. We consistently deliver on that commitment by providing our clients with real value in the work that we do, as measured by predetermined goals.

Nightingale & Nightingale features a professional team of creative and experienced individuals, who are dedicated to managing all elements of public relations and communications.  We partner with our clients to ensure that their objectives are  met at every phase of our relationship.

Each client presents a different set of challenges, which we address individually, and creatively.  Our communications programs are custom tailored for our clients, their budget, and their timetable.

Throughout each phase of the process we partner with our client contacts to ensure that the client’s goals are being met.  We measure our success on our ability to deliver on promises in achieving the agreed upon objectives of the program.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are totally results-driven, not hours-driven, and we bill our work accordingly.