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Nightingale’s Pay-For-Performance Media Relations

Our “Pay-for-Placement” program has been developed in response to a request for change within the Public Relations industry and the changing demands of our clients. Clients who choose our Pay for Placement program have different requirements as our retainer clients.  Some clients will find they prefer to work closely with us on a retainer. Properly structured, retainer contracts provide high value for the client and allow our agency to become intimately involved with the client’s business so we understand their goals and unique business environment. Other clients prefer a more general approach in which we do one basic thing: to raise awareness of your message, product or person within specific media markets.
What is Pay for Placement?
Pay for Placement is a performance-based approach, that can generate greater awareness in the media. Payment is based on tangible media relations results. We utilize your great news approach our solid media relationships to produce great results.
Types of Clients
Clients vary from large corporations to small businesses, private individuals, authors, professional associations, and non-profit organizations.  Our clients also include other public relations agencies whose efforts we support.  
How It Works
The Nightingale Team consists of senior media professionals with worldwide media experience. We are experts at media placement. Our expertise of the media relations process, our knowledge of what makes news, and our relationships with top journalists enable us to offer an innovative public relations model with proven results. We are committed toward focusing on providing value to our clients by enabling them to be more visible and relevant in today’s diverse media markets. And, you only pay for each editorial placement which is generated. Our program enables an agency to offer high-quality PR media placement services while maintaining the client relationship and retaining freedom from any financial or time commitment. 
How to Budget
This opportunity is completely client driven. You establish your budget, identify and determine the target media, and the desired forms of coverage. We ask you a few simple questions; we consult with you and identify that information which is newsworthy. We provide you the opportunities as they arise and you decide whether or not you want to pursue them. Pricing is based upon the media you request and the level of appearances we secure.  You establish how much you can spend and prioritize your media targets. 
Additional Support
We offer our “Pay-for-Placement” service and work together with other advertising, marketing and public relations firms. Those firms who work with us recognize the value of supplementing their own efforts with our high quality media relations program which offers an effective competitive edge and the ability to provide clients with added value. Our efforts are driven by identifying the best story line for the right reporter at the most appropriate media outlet at the right time.  We also offer social media opportunities which enable our clients to market themselves to the media in a new way. 
Do We Accept All Clients?
We are very selective in accepting clients which provides us with our high “hit” ratio. Our policy is to only accept news which is accurate and which we feel will be of interest to your target audience.
What Does the Fee Cover?
The Pay-for-Placement fee charged includes all the behind-the-scenes work including:
  • Research time in learning about your business and industry to determine our best approach.
  • Reviewing the media hot news topics in your industry.
  • Preparing the “pitch”.
  • Research on journalists from our extensive database who might be interested in your topic.
  • Continuous communications with journalists to pitch your newsworthy stories.
  • Continuous communications with you to provide opportunities, brief you on journalist interests, coordinate scheduling, etc. 
  • Ongoing development of media worthy stories.
  • Provide media tips.
  • Brief media training.